New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day One   Orlando March 15-17
                                            An assortment of flights started the first day.  The initial leg started from Orlando to Atlanta via Delta.
                                            We knew the attendants had exceptional talents when we heard harmonica music coming from the 
                                            galley.  The collection of music ranged from the Yellow Rose of Texas to Evita.  No doubt, it was the 
                                            same attendant while using the PA system showed impersonations - a galloping horse coming to a 
                                            halt during the landing.  The final neighing during taxi was the crowning touch.
                                            Next leg was Atlanta to New York JFK airport - an amazing assortment of terminals connected by
                                            light rail loop.  So, connecting from Delta to Qantas involved some literal leg work.
                                            A Qantas 747-400 series aircraft is the equivalent of a great room in a house.  Stairs to the second
                                            floor "hump" were immediate upon boarding.  The new generation of Qantas seats are a "couch
                                            potato's" dream come true.  Besides the usual multitudes of buttons to control every aspect of the
                                            body position, including massage, extra compartments held both water bottles, magazines, and 
                                            shoes.  Quite the contrast from a business flight last week that was middle seat in the "back of
                                            the bus".  The on demand selection of 60 movies should fill the 22 hours of Qantas flying.
                                            Due to the international date line, we are leaving on Wednesday and arriving on Friday - all
                                            under the logo of a red kangaroo.  

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