Asia 2005
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Japan       Japan:  Mt Fuji         Toyko:  Century City
                                                            Mt Fuji                                                            Expo 2005 Aichi                                                Tokyo Century City
China        Beijing:  Forbidden City   Beijing:  Temple of Heaven    Beijing: City Center 
                                                 Beijing Forbidden City                                     Beijing Temple of Heaven                                   Beijing City Center
                                    Beijing: The Mutianyu Great Wall       Beijing: Opera      China:  Map
                                                                   Beijing Great Wall                                                   Beijing Opera                                               China Map        
                                    Xian:  Drum Tower         Xian: Terra-Cotta Warriors           Xian:  City Center
                                                                 Xian Drum Tower                                   Terra Cotta Warriors                              Xian City Center
                                     Huangshan:  Yellow Mountains        Huangshan:  Yellow Mountains        Tunxi:  Town Scene
                                                          Huangshan Yellow Mountain                                Trail                                                       Tunxi Town
                                     Guilin:  River Li    Guilin:  River Li    Guilin:  Reed Flute Cave
                                                                      Guilin Mountains                                           Li River                                          Reed Flute Cave
                                 Hong Kong:  Harbor     Hong Kong:  Star Ferry
                                                                        Hong Kong Harbor                                                              Hong Kong Star Ferry
Thailand                  Bangkok:  Wat Pho     Bangkok:  Chao Phraya River   Thailand:  Koh Sumai 
                                                                                                    Bangkok Wat Pho                                               Koh Sumai Chaweng
Cambodia                   Cambodia:  Angkor Wat    Cambodia:  Angkor Thom    Cambodia:  Angkor Wat 
                                                                                                                Siem Reap Angkor Wat - Angkor Thom

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